Notice Board

18425/06/19APA from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020 PDF
18304/04/19APA Comittee PDF
18207/03/19Mill Visit Permission PDF
18027/12/18CBA Vice president\'s Deduction PDF
17706/06/18National Integrity Strategy Formulation Planning and Implementation Progress Monitoring Structure, 2018-2019 PDF
17618/02/18Office Order PDF
17518/02/18Holiday Notice PDF
17230/11/17Holiday Notice JPG
16929/08/17Annual Performance Agreement Page 1 JPG
16829/08/17Annual Performance Agreement Page 2 JPG
16729/08/17Annual Performance Agreement Page 3 JPG
16317/08/17Office Order JPG
16214/08/17Meeting Minutes For National Memorial Day 2017 JPG
16114/08/17Meeting Minutes For National Memorial Day 2017 JPG
16014/08/17Office Order For National Memorial Day 2017 JPG
15612/07/17Office Order For ID Card JPG
15516/06/17Annual Performance Agreement PDF
15410/07/17New Working TIme Schedule PDF
15118/05/17Office Order For Mechanical Responsibility JPG
15015/05/17Release Order JPG
14915/05/17Release Order JPG
14815/05/17Office Order For Repair JPG
14715/05/17Office Order For E-GP comittee JPG
14615/05/17Office Order For Civil Department JPG
14513/05/17Office Order For Production Department JPG
14413/05/17Office Order For Security Department JPG
14313/05/17Office Order For Jute Department JPG
14211/05/17Office Order For Quality Control JPG
14026/04/17Office Order for Production JPG
13918/04/17Office Order JPG
13818/04/17Office Order for Internal Transfer JPG
13613/04/17Training schedule Page 1 JPG
13513/04/17Training schedule Page 2 JPG
13413/04/17Office Order For Tree plantation\'s JPG
13306/04/17Office Order for jute department JPG
13205/04/17E GP Portal Registration JPG
13103/04/17Office Order For JJI School JPG
13003/04/17Office Order For Tender Box Opening JPG
12903/04/17Office Order For Purchase Comitee JPG
12828/03/17Office Order for Inventory JPG
12111/03/17Office Order JPG
12002/03/17Jute Fair Schedule JPG
11902/03/17Office Order For Juter Fair 2 JPG
11802/03/17Office Order For Juter Fair JPG
11301/03/17Meeting Minutes Page 1 JPG
11201/03/17Meeting Minutes Page 2 JPG
11101/03/17Office Order For Labour Comitee JPG
11028/02/17Office Order For Meeting JPG
10725/02/17Stock Taking Notice for the month of February 2017 PDF
9631/01/17Office Order for security camera JPG
9326/01/17Sports Day Notice PDF
9223/01/17Office Order PDF
9123/01/17Notice 1 PDF
9001/01/17MIS Report 2 PDF
8901/01/17MIS Report1 PDF
8709/01/17sports Notice 2 PDF
8609/01/17sports Notice 1 PDF